What we offer.

Handling enquiry's on product and services of:
- Structures offered and advise on best-suited choice.
- Service provider details where necessary.
- Rules of all Medical Schemes / Wellness initiatives.

Membership Registration and de-registration:
- Assistance in checking applications before submitting to Medical     companies.
- Feedback on status of membership application.
- Membership confirmation.
- Distribution of membership cards / member packs.

Membership Administration:
- Maintaining all membership information/details – changes.
- Oversee Ex Gratia cases.

Query Resolution:
Claims queries / Provider queries.

Members Education:
- On-going member education / Benefit education.
- Annual benefit changes/option transfers (Roadshows).

Co-ordinating of membership contribution billing / client reporting.
Facilitate resolution of discrepancies of dependant numbers and contributions.

Drafting/Revision of a testament or trust.

Financial planning:
Covering your family's financial needs in case of death, trauma or disability.

Retirement planning:
How to retire financially independent.

Business Assurance:
Buy and Sell agreements, Key person assurance, Contingent liability.

Pension Provision:
Pension / Provident Fund

Risk Benefits:
- Group Life Assurance (Death benefit)
- Disability (Permanent Health Insurance)
- Funeral Benefit