Financial Planning Methodology.

Financial advice must address all aspects of an individual's financial well being.(i.e. investment strategies, tax planning, financial risk management and estate planning) throughout the different stages of their financial life (i.e. wealth creation, wealth protection and the possibility of wealth depletion). Applying and implementing comprehensive holistic financial planning methods ensures consistent solutions which then reduces duplication and costs, thus resulting in a financial plan with detailed operating strategies, dear objectives and key performance indicators for guaranteed success.

Our financial planning methodology creates a comprehensive financial plan with implementation solutions, accompanied by clearly defined achievable financial goals. The financial plan provides a framework for developing clear strategies for the three pillars of financial planning, namely investment and wealth creation; management and protection, financial risk and estate planning.

By applying the De Wet De Villiers Financial Services philosophy and methodology the financial planner can ensure that the client enjoys the following:

- Clear and realistic thought patterns
- Informed decision making and
- Peace of mind