Who we are.

De Wet De Villiers is an independant financial broking/consulting firm that has been operating for the past 23 years in the North West Province.

We deliver services to +/- 2000 small to medium sized businesses. We hold consulting and intermediary appointments to various mega corporates in the area. This makes us the largest independent brokeage in the North West province.

The group is Black Economically Empowered (BEE) and plays a leading role in the upliftment and development of people in all levels of society and across all ethnical groups.

The group plays a major role acting as a training facility for young aspiring financial advisors of which this is a huge need in the multi-dimensional society of South Africa.

All our Financial Advisors are FSB (Financial Services Board) registered, giving them the edge over competitors in the financial services industry.

The company's existence over the years was based on the high value relationships we hold dearly with all clients we interact with.

We believe that we would continue to assist the financial active population of the North West in a spirit of hope, humble interaction and professionalism.